A Syrian barber in Tübingen by Sameer Ibrahim


The two Syrians Karim and Amer have opened a barber shop in the Mühlstraße in Tübingen. Karim says: “I come from the city of Deir al-Zor, studied commerce and economics, worked for ten years in the hairdressing profession and I love my work very much. There are many work and study opportunities in Germany. I’m happy because I can do the same job I did in Syria. The people here are very nice and helped me a lot. ”

His business partner Amer adds: “I was a hairdresser in Syria too and had my own business. I live in Germany for two years now. I had the idea to open a hairdressing business, but had no German master craftsman certificate. Although I have a master’s certificate from Syria, we had to find someone who had a German master’s certificate and only then was it authorized by the authorities of the city to open a barbershop. I hope that these restrictions will be abolished, especially for refugees, so that we can work with greater freedom. We work from nine in the morning to seven in the evening, except Sundays, of course. Customer demand in the business is good, but we also need advertising. “

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