Fishing in Germany By Sameer Ibrahim

What is needed to fish in Germany? – Anyone who would like to fish in Germany usually needs a fishing license. That’s the most common way. You can apply for it at the municipality. You have to attend a fishing seminary and then complete the theoretical and practical fishing test. The theoretical fishing test usually consists of a questionnaire about fishing. It includes, for example, questions on fish science, hydrology, fishkeeping and water management, fishing gear and fishing methods, the treatment of captive fish and any legislation. If you passed the test successfully, you usually get the result on the same day. Then you do the practical part of the fishing exam. If you have passed theory and practice, you can go to the town hall or the civil office with your certificate and pick up your fishing license. However, that’s not enough to be allowed to fish in Germany. In addition, you need a fishing permit, which you can buy for a fee (the cost is often between 20 and 60 euros) in a fishing shop. This permit entitles to go fishing in a specific section of the water. And of course you need the right equipment.

Fishing without a fishing license: what are the consequences? – Fishing without a license is forbidden in Germany and this illegal fishing is called “Fischwilderei” in German. The fine for illegal fishing is between 120 and 1000 euros. The amount of the fine depends on the gravity of the offense. How often you fished illegally is also taken into account. If you get caught for the first time, you may be left with a warning. If you get caught more frequently while fishing illegally, you can also be deprived of the opportunity to ever make a fishing license. Fishing in Baden-Württemberg, without owning a fishing license, is a criminal offense. The criminal record is called “Fischwilderei” and is listed under paragraph 293 in the Criminal Code. It states: “Anyone fishing in violation of foreign fishing rights or fishing exertion right will be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine.” So it can also have the consequence of a two-year imprisonment. Here are the legal texts: or

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