The way to permanent residence

The way to permanent residence
By Mohammed Kheer Hazeem and Feras Trayfi

The tünews editors Mohammed Kheer Hazeem and Feras Trayfi talked to Thomas Steimle and Thorsten Lehmann from the foreigners authority in the Tübingen district administration office about this topic:

What is a settlement permit?
A settlement permit is a permanent residence permit for third-country nationals.

Which conditions need to be fulfilled?
The requirements depend on the individual case. There is a special paragraph for refugees, namely § 26 Abs 3 Residence Act. There the requirements for refugees are listed. There are two options: you can apply for the settlement permit either after three years, if you have the C1 certificate and you finance 80% of your livelihood yourself, or after five years, if you have the A2 certificate and 60% of your livelihood itself financed. Everything depends on whether the requirements are met.

Does the employment contract have to be indefinite?
The employment contract should be valid for at least one and a half years.

When and where can you apply?
At the responsible immigration office, if you meet the requirements. You can get advice before that. The application should be made four weeks before. Refugees who live in Tübingen must contact the immigration authorities of the city of Tübingen. For refugees who live in Rottenburg, the city of Rottenburg is the right contact person. For refugees in the other municipalities in the district of Tübingen, the foreigners authority in the district office is responsible.

How long does the processing take?
This usually takes six to eight weeks, when the documents are complete. However, the duration also depends on the capacity of the responsible authority.

Which documents do you need for this?
Proof of income, proof of health insurance, certificates, rental contract

How much does the application cost?
Refugees pay nothing, except 60 € for the new pass.

Are there exceptions, for example for children or older people?
In the case of disabled people, proof of income is not required; older people require a medical report.

Does BAföG count as a secure livelihood?
The receipt of BAföG benefits is recognized for securing a livelihood.
Is it possible to apply for the settlement permit immediately if you meet the requirements?
Yes, you can always apply if you meet the requirements.

Does it have a positive impact on the permit when working on a voluntary basis?
The volunteer work has no impact on that.

Do you get a settlement permit when you are training?
Apprentices can also obtain a settlement permit if they largely finance their own livelihood with their wages.

Thank you for the conversation.

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