Blowing it up


Blowing it up

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Firstly, the name of this band—“To big to fail” (TBTF)—is exactly how it is when one experiences them perform live. They come with costumes and a get up giving this great feel of togetherness on stage—all of its 9 members. Then with their funky music, it is just not possible for one’s body to ignore the vibrations of this ensemble. They all somehow were connected with each other in the musician circuit of Tübingen; most of them with this band called the “Funky Latinos”. This is the origin from where Too big to fail came about. For the record, the Funky Latinos were a band of around 9 to 11 members, that were around for five years before TBTF got formed around two years ago. Strangely though here were no latinos in this Funky Latinos band, except for Oscar from Mexico. Moreover it was mainly a cover band with at most two original songs that got done towards the end.

TBTF however played its original songs for our 4ALL fest. The band got its name from amongst a host of many suggestions (a hot favourite amongst them also being “Adam Smith and the invisible hand jobs”), from which this one seemed to be practically fitting the best. But together they are really up for giving everyone a good time on the dancefloor, or on the dancefloor of one’s mind. Watching them live is really an experience. Their radio interviews also say a lot about their individual routes into this band, and given that not more than two band members were interview each time, and at different places as well, we are better able to understand the diversity of such a big band and how it survives in tiny Tübingen. Somehow just like this band there must also be something in Tübingen that has room 4ALL and is also somehow is too big to fail.

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