Chili and Maqluba


Chili and Maqluba

by Sylvia Haden


It is 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. The “intercultural kitchen forum” for adults to meet, exchange thoughts, cook—and of course, to eat begins. Many boxes of food arrive. The first shift of the kitchen crew consists of the initiators of the cooking event themselves: Karl, Jacky and Lulieta from the Hausgemeinschaft LU 15 (Ludwigstraße) and Sylvia from tünews INTERNATIONAL. They slice and grate, cook and bake, decorate and arrange until late into the night.

Hummus spread on a flatbread, covered with tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh green chilli peppers and salad leaves—the first dish is ready. Chili sin Carne is fragrantly served next. Ahmed prepares an Arabic rice dish called “Maqluba” with peas, corn and many spices during the following kitchen shift. Sandro and Max of the LU 15 contribute celery-schnitzel and potato dishes. The mixture is stirred in the end the plates are rinsed off again, and again in between. We are a fantastic team and have quickly got to grips with each other.

At quarter past twelve, the cook/author of tünews INTERNATONAL says goodbye to the kitchen team and, loaded with walnut biscuits, makes her way home—sweaty, tired and smiling.

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