Folk forever …!

Die Vagari

Folk forever …!

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As naturally as the world is your stage, folk music is almost a natural part of your act. Keeping this folk instinct alive were the musicians of Die Vagari. It was Cristobal Araya, a folklorist himself, the clarinet player from the Tuebingen Südstadt, Sofia, Cedric, Paula and Nabeel, the other musicians following suit in this effort. Incidentally, all were members of Folklang—this 70 odd member ensemble playing folk music from all over the world—that dissolved due to reasons of lack of sustainability. Somehow, when one door closes, another one opens, and this was our door to folk music this evening, with Die Vagari.

They played about 10 to 12 songs in all from countries like Macedonia, Dominican republic, Chile, Italy, Greece, Israel, Algeria, France, Albania and more. The sounds came from Cédric on Bouzouki, Cristóbal on Klarinette, Moritz on Akkordeon, Mouloud on guitar, Nabil playing percussion, Paula on the violin, Sofia keying the accordian and Judith on the contrabass, although this particular evening missed the contributions of Judith. Even so, the crowd was delighted to have this band belt out its jumpy songs; with the inevitable dance moves simply coming out of the revelers of this event. Another thing this band brought out were the smiles.

While this was the performance, the rehearsal, that was also recorded for the radio showcased their background effort as musicians to bring alive the audiences. It surely takes time, patience, and loads of conversations to be able to express oneself with one’s own instrument and then together at the same time, to output the magic that brings us all together and alive. While more from this band can be caught on the website, it is indeed a nice cultural experience to hear them live, especially if folk music can make things happen in this new age as well. Well, its 4ALL.

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