Learning by doing!


Learning by doing!

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Not having the most important element in front of you but rather in the background does not mean it doesn’t exist. The sound technician is one such element that simply cannot be forgotten whenever doing an event. Our man this 4th 4all was Carlo Heimisch. He was responsible for having all the sound in order. That meant having the sound on and running, doing sound checks with each of these bands and having them come in their sequence with minimum time between each band’s performance. And the best part was that Carlo managed all of this, from 16:00 in the afternoon, till about 4:00 on Sunday morning, with a smile. It was this element of his turning stress into fun that was the best part for all of us, from the bands to the people involved in this event. One thing Carlo made sure about—that the music doesn’t stop!

“In short for me the day was as challenging as it was rewarding. Since all the acts were completely different in terms of their style of music as well as in their composition of people and instruments, I had to consider how to get the change-overs and sound checks going as smoothly and fast as possible and hurry through those,” he talks from his experience that night. Overall, he has about 5 years of experience doing the sound at music events all around Tübingen and other places apart from few festivals organized by Tuebingers themselves (Pleroma for instance). And these experiences were his academics in this line of work. “Basically, it was reading about it and learning by doing, YouTube wasn’t involved that much actually,” he fills in.

“Nevertheless, for me it is interesting to get these sorts of concerts going, where I can experiment with different techniques of micing and mixing a broad range of different instruments and having to adjust the overall sound to ‘fit’ a range of different styles of music in one evening”, smiles this sound man.

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