The magic of music!

Canned Wizardry

The magic of music!

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Rock, blues, jazz, hip hop, world music and many more rhythms came from the music of “Canned Wizardry”. As their name suggests, it truly is the coming together of six musicians contributing their parts to make magic. “For us, music is magic”, says Silvio Hund, the lead vocalist of this band. While he is also the songwriter, he is supported by guitars drums and sometimes the didgeridoo and the harp. Come this next 4ALL fest this September 21, they will come around again to perform, but this time in another avatar, as they suggested post this May 18 fest. They were first spotted playing at the “Wagenburg” on a “kneipe” night last year an acoustic set, so they do have a range.

With a little heavier start to the evening, the band did have the audience foot stomping to their music eventually. So they come together, “with their spinning wheels”, as their interview for the “Wüste Welle” suggests, for Canned Wizardry. When asked about their motivation to play, they mention, dancing, having fun and a host of other elements, while also categorically saying, “the motivation to play is not political. But if someone wants to see it political, then it is pro-life”, they make their point.

An interesting aspect about this six-members-band is the fact that they all are fathers and have 12 children between all of them. In age, they range between 23 and 50. Like most who learnt an instrument during school days somewhere before the age of ten, so did all of these gentlemen. Amongst conversations, what we also hit upon was the fact that every child learns music when they are young, somehow, even playing drums on tables and the like. Well, seems like right from the very beginning of our lives, music is in everyone and 4ALL. In that case, so is the magic of music.


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