The right mix

DJ Linda

The right mix

from the editorial team


Linda has been heard of before in this very magazine’s previous edition. Coming from the casual background of often being encouraged to play music at gatherings, she turned professional so to speak with this very event last year. “Yes, this time I thought about it and actually prepared my set along with considering the mix between each”, she mentions in her interview for the Wüste Welle. Her ideas for the mix were also interesting considering she was playing genres from dub to cumbia to electronic versions of folk music and more on these lines. But if you visit the “Wagenburg” in Tuebingen on certain days of the week, when the event is on, you will see the compliments going from various quarters to her from people from different parts of the world as they identify songs they like. All in all, she does make the effort for her listeners and that’s really what matters. She likes to have something for everyone, even inspite of her tastes. Then there is always the option of electro fusion with the classics and oriental sounds. And her sounds are 4ALL.

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