Urban pop from Stuttgart


Urban pop from Stuttgart

by Penelope Hoeth


“kopfundherz”, it means head and heart, are Chillhan, Don Jahin, Rager the Rager and Rian. The band from Stuttgart makes German Urban Pop, Hip Hop and Rap. At the 4ALL Intercultural Fest in the Epplehaus Tübingen they played songs from their album “Mukke oder Tod”. The music was sometimes there are harmonic vocals mixed with catchy beats, and at other times rap with acoustic or electric guitar. But it is exactly this unique mix that makes the band. The band started in summer 2013 with frontman and songwriter Chillhan and guitarist Don Jahin. The two have known each other since their school days and founded the band together. The name kopfundherz stands for both of them. While Chillhan is rather the head of the band and writes lyrics, Don Jahin is the heart, the soul that gives the band feeling. A little later Rager joined on the drums and Rian the bass.

At first sight you notice that the guys know each other very well. You notice that in their music. They perform harmonically and authentically and with natural flair. Songs of kopfundherz can appeal to people in all life situations. Thematically there is something for everyone. It’s about things that occupy everyone, like freedom, the search for a personal place in life, inner struggles and the search for great love. These topics look at “head and heart” with soul and mind from all sides. For it is not easy to answer the great questions of life.


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