Fridays for Future

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Fridays for Future

Under the title “Fridays for Future”, pupils from all over the world demonstrate for climate protection every Friday. On Friday, 20th September 19 there will be a “global climate strike” in which young and old can participate. The strike will also be held in Tübingen from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the city centre. Some editors from the tünews INTERNATIONAL team who visit the school regularly discuss climate protection there. That’s why this topic also plays an important role in our editorial team. For more information on the strike:


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Advice Pro Familia

The Pro Familia counselling centre offers counselling on the topics of family, pregnancy and sexuality. Anyone who has problems with the upbringing of a child, family planning or pregnancy can find answers there. They also provide advice on questions relating to sex and partnership. Pro family also offers counselling on sexual violence. The counselling centre is located at Hechinger Straße 8 in Tübingen. Appointments must be made by telephone. The counselling language is German. If necessary, an interpreter can be hired. For more information: Contact by telephone: 07071/34151 or by E-Mail:


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Day of the refugee

The Refugee Day takes place during the Intercultural Week at the end of September. The day draws attention to the fates of refugees all over the world. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are currently (June 2019) 26 million refugees in the world, of whom only 3.5 million are asylum seekers. 57 percent of the fugitives come from Syria, Afghanistan and Southern Sudan. The total number of displaced people, including those within a country, is 70.8 million. During 2018, the total number of displaced people increased by 13.6 million. On 27.09.19 in Rottenburg at 17 o’clock in the people’s highschool a lecture takes place to the topic “Women on the escape?” For more information:


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The Arab Film Festival

This year the 15th Arabic Film Festival takes place in Tübingen. Many different Arabic films will be shown for several days in Tübingen’s cinemas. There are also films from Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. The festival takes place from Friday, 4th to Saturday, 12th October 19. On Sunday, 6th October 19 is children and family day with many different offers. The entrance in the old part of town is free for all. On Saturday, 12th October 19, there will also be an Arabian-oriental film market (SOUQ AL FILM). The exact programme will be announced in September. For more information and the programme:

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