Theatre festival

Theatre festival

The LTT (Landestheater Tuebingen) celebrates its 40th anniversary at this year’s theatre festival. There will be various events all around theatre, including a fashion show and a guided tour for children. Under the title “Home is where you have your Kartoffelsalat”, a cooking performance will start at 7 p.m. in which locals and refugees will cook together. Some members of the tünews INTERNATIONAL editorial staff will also prepare dishes there. There is no entrance fee. The festival will take place on Saturday, 14.09.19 at the LTT-Theatre in Tuebingen. For more information, dates and prices:

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Intercultural Week

The Intercultural Week in Tuebingen and Rottenburg is a series of events on the subject of cultural exchange. Around this week, a total of 48 different lectures, concerts, plays, sporting events, cooking meetings, workshops for children and much more will take place in both cities. The Café InFö, for example, offers an informative evening lecture on the subject of “setting up a new business” for refugees. In the Epplehaus the 4ALL-Music Fest is celebrated with many different artists. The Intercultural Week takes place from Thursday, 19.09.19 to Friday, 27.09.19. For more information on times, places and organisers:

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Tuebingen duck race

During the Tuebingen duck race, thousands of rubber ducks are thrown into the Neckar river every year on the first Saturday in October. Each duck is marked. The fastest ducks win a prize. The race starts at 14 o’clock on the Alleenbrücke and the finish line is between Hölderlinturm and Eberhardsbrücke. The award ceremony starts at 15.15 on the Neckar Island. Snacks and drinks are also available there. You can buy a duck ticket for 3 Euro at the tourist office on the Neckar bridge, at the S-Point and at various other places. The race is also a “fundraiser”. This means that donations for a good cause are collected. The duck race is organized by the “Round Table 182 Tübingen”, a politically and denominationally neutral association of young men for social participation. For more information and all ticket sales points:

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Vaccinations for children

Diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella can be very dangerous for adults and children. So far, one can only fight the symptoms, but there is no therapy. These diseases are also extremely contagious, so vaccination is particularly important. There is one vaccination for these three diseases. Two vaccination dates are recommended for children. The first one is between 11 and 14 months old and the second until 23 months at the latest. Adults who have not yet been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella can get a follow-up vaccination. This vaccination is paid for by the health insurance. Before the vaccination one should always ask the paediatrician for advice. For more information:

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