The Arab Film Festival (Film mirroring Reality)


The Arab Film Festival (Film mirroring Reality)

from the editorial team

The Arabic Film Festival is a very beautiful and interesting intercultural event that takes place every year in Tuebingen.

The aim is to disseminate more information and acceptance by dealing with current topics such as refugees and migration. Films can indeed be a medium of information through which one can get to know cultures and ways of life from other corners of the world.

At the weekend some editors of tünews were invited to the Arabic Film Festival in Tuebingen. They had to select a film and at first they were very enthusiastic.

But they quickly lost their appetite, because on this day, as on many other days, the films shown were about the current political developments and the crisis situation in the Arab world. The people in these films suffer war, terror and violence. Many people from Arab countries have had their own real experiences with these things and don’t want to be reminded of them again through film.

That is why the editors apologized and preferred to go to a café to have a chat in a cheerful mood.

Surely many people are interested to know what is happening in these countries, especially those who live far away from these worlds. However, we should not forget that the cinema is also a medium of entertainment. One also goes there to have a good time and to distract oneself.

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