Please buy your ticket!


Please buy your ticket!

By Mostafa Ellyasian

Unlike many other countries, where you show your ticket as you board the train or bus, things work differently in Germany. Here, travelers board public transportation without first showing the driver their ticket. Passengers without a monthly ticket must purchase their ticket before boarding, or directly on the vehicle at a ticket machine. While you don’t show your ticket as you board, there are still people checking for tickets. These people board the bus unannounced, show their ID, and check for tickets. If you cannot show a ticket during the check, you must present your ID and receive a fine of 60 euros. If, for some reason, you do not have your ID with you or you refuse to be checked, the controllers immediately call the police. This leads to greater problems and, in some situations, will have consequences for asylum applications. So, please do not board public transportation without a ticket! A tip: at the ticketing office, you can buy a monthly or yearly ticket for half price. You only have to show your eligibility papers.

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