Learning with the mouse

Sesamstraße, Löwenzahn und die Sendung mit der Maus (Sesame Street, Dandelion and the Show with the Mouse) are all well-known educational children’s shows in Germany. They offer educational material to children in addition to what they learn in school. There is further educational media, such as games and apps for children. The initiative from the Federal Ministry for Family “LOOK at what your kid does with media” (SCHAU HIN! Was dein Kind mit Medien macht) helps families with media education and recommends a maximum of one hour per day of media use. Parents should learn about the age recommendation before using a learning medium. The child’s interest in the offer is also important. Parents should accompany their children when they start using new media, and check whether the media is appropriate. https://www.schau-hin.info/tipps-regeln/tipps-zum-lernen-mit-medien

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