Our magazine: a bridge between cultures

Our magazine: a bridge between cultures

Cumin and potato salad: both mean home for Hajera Sheikh. Hajera is part of the editorial team at tünews INTERNATIONAL. At a workshop in Bad Liebenzell (December 6 to 8, 2019) the editorial team dealt with the topic of home, among other themes. Throughout the workshop, they called home a space where friends and family members are. The team recalled memories of home and the people there. Hajera was born in Pakistan, went to school in Tübingen for a few years and returned to Tübingen from Pakistan in 2014. Other people who came to Germany before 2015 also spoke of two homes and of “gaps” in everyone. Anyone who fled in 2015 or later is close to having lost their old home. No one we spoke to left their home and came here voluntarily. The situation around them robbed them of security and normality. For Feras Trayfi, the threat of military service triggered the loss of his home and his journey here. Should he kill or be killed himself? Whoever comes brings their culture with them. From this, comes two tasks: understanding a new culture and communicating the culture you have brought with you, the tasks of building bridges. At tünews INTERNATIONAL we want to do that, especially in the long form magazine we publish monthly and at our events and our “4all Fest”.


Bei der Nachrichtenproduktion im News-Labor von tünews INTERNATIONAL im Dezember 2019 in Bad Liebenzell: Hajera Sheikh (Studierende der Medienwissenschaft, Koordinatorin der online-Rdaktion), Feras Trayfi und die Coaches Ute Kaiser (Journalistin beim Schwäbischen Tagblatt), Sylvia Haden (aus der Verlagsbranche), Michael Seifert (langjähriger Pressesprecher der Universität Tübingen)

Foto: Mostafa Elyasian

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