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Everyone who participates benefits from tünews INTERNATIONAL. This was the result of a survey from our workshop, which went from December 6 to 8, 2019 in Bad Liebenzell. About 20 editorial members were there. More German language practice: this was our most popular suggestion, with nine votes from refugees. There were also social aspects such as fun (9) and in-depth discussions in the group. Mostafa Elyasian emphasized that the editorial work for him is a task that shapes everyday life: If he only sat at home, he would not be well. He looks forward to the editorial meeting every Tuesday. Dedication to others (7) and the opportunity to be the mouthpiece for refugee concerns (8) are also important to the editorial team. Volunteer coaches and refugees also have the opportunity to pass on their experiences at tünews INTERNATIONAL (8) and to participate in the cooperation of cultures (7). One member of the editorial team said: “I never used to read newspapers or hear news. Now I pay attention to it and write myself.”


Die Editorials auf dieser Seite sind ein Auszug aus dem Ertrag der News-Labore von tünews INTERNATIONAL in Nagold und Bad Liebenzell 2019. Die Flipcharts an den Stellwänden geben einen Eindruck von der Fülle behandelter und bearbeiteter Themen. Auch die Rückwände waren voller Aufschriebe. Die Texte des Herausgebers auf dieser Seite bauen auf diesen Ertrag auf.

Foto: Mostafa Elyasian

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