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According to the latest Report of the World Health Organization, the coronavirus “2019nCoV” has so far spread to more than 100 countries around the world. The latest report shows that more than 110,000 people worldwide have been infected with the new Coronavius. So far there are more than 1000 infected people in Germany and more than 200 in Baden-Württemberg. More information on and


Reducing the risk of infection with Coronavirus

Coronavirus can be transmitting by direct contact with the infected person’s respiratory droplets (through coughing and sneezing) and by contact with infected surfaces. It can stay on surfaces for hours, but a simple disinfectant can eliminate it.

The most important symptoms include fever, cough and breathing problems. In more sever cases, infection can lead to lung or respiratory problems.

One can prevent the risk of infection by the Coronavirus by following these four precautions:
Carefully and thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based disinfectant to eliminate viruses that may have been transmitted to your hands.

Be at least one meter away from those who cough or sneeze because small droplets are thrown out of the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. If you are too close to them and the other person is infected with the virus, these tiny particles that contain the Covid-19 virus enter your body by breathing.

Avoid hands contact with your eyes, nose and mouth when they are not clean, as the hands are exposed to different levels and may absorb the virus. Once your hands are infected with the virus, they can easily spread the virus to your eyes, nose and mouth and allowing the virus to enter your body and make you sick.

Make sure you and those around you respiratory health. Respiratory health by restricting the mouth and letting it into Argentina or paper napkins can keep you sneezing, coughing and throwing away the napkin in its right place.

Because the tiny droplets that sneeze out of our mouths and nostrils, they spread the virus. With respiratory health tips, you can protect those around you from the virus.


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