Tübingen District Office to close from Tuesday, 17th March 2020

Client contact possible in certain cases after prior appointment


From Tuesday, 17th March 2020 – for now up to and including Sunday, 19th April 2020 – the Tübingen District Office will remain closed to the public until further notice. All meetings are only possible via advance appointment. This also applies to the registration office, driving licence office and the branch offices of the district administration.


The district administration will ensure that – wherever possible – requests are dealt with in writing, via e-mail, fax or telephone. Appointments will only be offered upon prior arrangement for matters with indispensable personal customer contact. The cafeteria in the district administration office will remain closed for external guests.


From Tuesday (17th March 2020), information on the procedure for individual areas of responsibility and contact details for arranging appointments will be posted on the district homepage www.kreis-tuebingen.de via the respective department pages (under the category “Departments & Organisation”; from this page, click on the relevant department). These appointments are usually to be made through the respective department secretariats. Please do NOT call the Corona hotline for general concerns.


Departments and branch offices with advisory services (such as care support centres, youth and family counselling centres, welfare authorities) will also limit their counselling services as far as possible to telephone counselling and advice via e-mail. Similarly, events organised by the district of Tübingen will be suspended for the time being until the above-mentioned date.


With these measures, the district of Tübingen hopes to help contain the spread of the corona virus and protect both customers and employees from possible infection. These actions are intended to ensure that the administrative authority remains in a position to operate.


Latest information on Corona: Click here

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