Neighbours helping risk groups

People over 60 and chronically ill persons are part of the risk groups that need special protection against the corona virus. In order to enable them to stay at home and avoid contact with infected people, various volunteer initiatives have been set up in Tübingen to take care of shopping, errands, help in the garden or with childcare. They can be reached, for example, on the Facebook page “Nachbarschaftschallenge Tübingen”. People who want to help out can also get in touch through that Facebook page. Students are offering their services at the email address Other contact points for helpers and those seeking help is the Internet page and the local newspaper Schwäbisches Tagblatt:

So that people from high-risk groups do not have to use public transport, they can order shared taxis (Telephone Tübingen: 94000). They run on the same routes as the bus lines.



Latest information on Corona: Click here

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