Angela Merkel: Saving lives with discipline

Chancellor Angela Merkel has addressed the German public in a TV message to make clear the seriousness of the crisis surrounding the corona virus. The most important thing according to her is to fight the rapid spread of the virus: “We must keep our distance out of consideration for each other. No more handshakes, wash your hands thoroughly and often, at least stay one and a half metres away from the next person and preferably no contact with the very old because they are particularly at risk”. Visits, travels, contact in public space: “All of this can be contagious and should really not happen now. Whoever avoids unnecessary encounters will help everyone. That’s how we save lives.” Only if everyone behaves in a disciplined manner will it be possible to avoid even stricter government measures. Otherwise there is a threat of a curfew, which means that people will only be allowed to leave the house on their way to work, to the doctor or to shop for food. As is already mandatory in Italy, France and Spain. The complete speech:



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