How to protect risk groups

On March 19, the chairwoman of the German Red Cross, Dr. Lisa Federle, compared the corona virus with the flu. It is similar, she said, ” but it is contagious much faster”. The spread of the virus is not stoppable anymore. The important thing now is to slow the spread of the virus “so that our hospitals can stay in control.” At the same time, the clinics also need to care for other seriously ill patients. District Administrator Joachim Walter asked everyone to “limit or stop social contacts to the absolute minimum”. Even age groups with comparatively lower risk can transmit the virus to people with higher risk (old people and people weakened by disease). This is a major threat for them. Everyone should now keep at least 1.5 to 2 meters distance from others and follow the hygiene recommendations. If this is not done, the country may enforce a curfew. This would massively restrict “our freedom”, according to the District Administrator.



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