Solidarity in difficult times

By Hakan Demir

We have been reading the news about the Corona virus for days. Right from the start, we follow the news every day, with growing and more careful eyes. What happened first in China and then in Italy was very difficult for all of us to forget. In this difficult time frame, however, important steps can be taken instead of waiting at home with fear: SOLIDARITY.

Solidarity is one of the most important building blocks for people with different backgrounds in order to live together and to maintain the existence of a country. What happened in China and Italy has shown that the problem is bigger than expected. So we all have something to do. To knock, for example, on the neighbours’ door, especially the old ones, and ask if they need anything!

According to the Federal Institute for Population Research, the average age of the population in Germany is more than 45. Older people make up a serious part of society. Let’s add to this data the fact that older people are less resistant to the virus than young people. For this reason, it means a lot more than politeness, -of course after you keep the necessary distance- knocking on the door of your old neighbours and asking about their needs, especially during these days.

Yes, we don’t have a long common history, but we can shape the future together by demonstrating strong solidarity.

At this point, I’ll give an example of a letter that a friend shared with me. You can adapt this letter to yourself and, like my friends, throw it in your neighbours’ mailbox.

Dear neighbors,

If you are over 65 and have a weakened immune system, I would like to support you in staying healthy.

I am not in the risk group and could help you with small errands or purchases in the next few weeks.

If you need support, please put a note on the door for me or please leave me your telephone number.

Together you get through everything. You are not alone!

Best regards


I don’t know what you all think, but when I saw this letter I thought to myself: There is hope! Yes, there is hope!



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