Possibility of a curfew

The corona pandemic may lead to a curfew being imposed in Germany. If people now stick to the rules of distance and hygiene, the curfew would not be necessary. However, a curfew is at present possible under the Infection Protection Act. This would have considerable consequences: For example, you will no longer be allowed to enter public areas such as streets or squares. Or you will not be allowed to leave the house or apartment at all. However, a curfew often includes exceptions for certain people who work in systemically important professions. Exceptions may also be permitted on certain occasions, for example, when shopping, going to the doctor or walking dogs. Anyone who violates a curfew is liable to prosecution in Germany. Public order authorities and the police prosecute offences. Violations of quarantine orders can be punished with a prison sentence (up to five years) or heavy fines.


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 19.3.2020


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