Robert Koch Institute

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is especially important when it comes to combating the corona pandemic in the Federal Republic of Germany. This institute is a federal authority for public health care. It reports directly to the Federal Ministry of Health. Their headquarter is located in the Berlin district of Wedding. The director of the Robert Koch Institute is the veterinarian and microbiology specialist, Lothar H. Wieler. Lately, he is often seen on television and is the “voice” of the institute. Around 1100 people work for the Robert Koch Institute, 450 of them are scientists. In 1994, the legislation assigned the Institute it’s tasks regarding infectious diseases, among others. Thus, it constantly keeps a look out for infectious diseases in order to be able to recognize dangers for the population at large. When danger has been identified, the institute develops appropriate measures to protect the population. The regulations which the Federal Government and the state governments are currently issuing on the corona pandemic are based on recommendations by the Robert Koch Institute. Their homepage provides particularly useful information on the corona crisis:


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