Corona: People at higher risk

On 20th of March the Robert Koch Institute updated the list of people who are believed to have a higher risk of infection with the corona virus. The Institute points out that the risk of a serious disease increases steadily with increasing age from 50 to 60 years. The reason for this could be that the immune system of older people reacts less effectively than that of younger people. Among other things, this can lead to older people developing a lower fever or no fever at all, which means that they will go to the doctor far too late. If infected people already have prior condition, their risk of developing a serious illness seems to be higher, regardless of age. The conditions named by Robert Koch Institute are of the heart and circulation, the respiratory system, the liver, the kidneys, diabetes or cancer. A higher risk also arises for patients whose immune system is compromised. This is sometimes the result of an immune deficiency or because certain medications suppress the immune system. The risk increases if several risk factors are present at the same time. Persons with a higher risk should adhere especially strictly to the general rules of behavior, i.e. if possible, avoid being around other people, washing their hands frequently and keeping a distance from patients or their surroundings.


Impressionen von der neuen Fieberamblanz des Landkreises Tübingen. Achtung: Termine nur über den Hausarzt! Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 24.3.2020

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