Category 1 contact persons

Who is a Category 1 contact person for corona infections? The Tübingen district office has summarized this and the rules of conduct for this group of people. Category 1 contacts are people who have had close contact with an infected person. Close contact means, for example, that they spoke to the infected person with less than 1.5 meters between them for 15 minutes in a face-to-face situation. Anyone who is a Category 1 contact must stay at home. This also applies if there are no symptoms showing such as fever or cough. If you fit in Category 1, you must self-quarantine yourself for 14 days. In a shared household, you should keep your distance from other family members as much as possible. You should not sleep in the same room as others or eat sitting together. You are not allowed to go shopping either. You may, however, go for a short stroll or take your dog out for a walk, provided you adhere to the distance rules and contact restrictions. If symptoms start to occur during the quarantine, report them to the family doctor or to the hotline of the district office.


Impressionen von der neuen Fieberamblanz des Landkreises Tübingen. Achtung: Termine nur über den Hausarzt! Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 24.3.2020

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