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From opening an account to locksmiths: The consumer advice center has summarized information for refugees on twelve areas of life in several languages. The non-profit association has published the details on the website of its federal association. In addition to texts in English, Arabic, Turkish and Farsi, there are also some translations into Ukrainian and Russian. The information is intended to help consumers find their way in everyday life in Germany, according to the homepage.
Specifically, it covers opening a bank account, taking out insurance and advice before signing mobile phone contracts. The site also explains what to look out for when signing a rental agreement for an apartment, how to recognize reputable Internet retailers, and how to surf the Internet safely with a smartphone. The consequences of German copyright law, for example when watching films on the Internet, are also discussed, as is the question of how to react to claims from a debt collection agency. Other topics include the fine print on food packaging, energy-saving tips, how to deal with locksmiths and information on buying dietary supplements.

Die Verbraucherzentrale bietet Bröschüren zu unterschiedlichen Themen in vielen Sprachen an. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mislina Kiymaz.

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