Only with measles vaccination in school or kindergarten

Children attending kindergarten or school in Germany must be vaccinated against measles. This results from the Measles Protection Act, which came into force in 2020. The vaccination requirement also applies to teachers, educators, medical personnel or daycare workers born after 1970. Refugees living in collective accommodation must also provide proof of measles vaccination after four weeks, the Federal Ministry of Health reports.
Measles is one of the most contagious infectious diseases. They can result in severe consequences, in the worst cases leading to potentially fatal encephalitis. Vaccination offers the best protection against the disease and confers lifelong immunity.
Parents must provide proof of measles vaccination for children older than one year before enrolling them in a child care center. Children over the age of two must be vaccinated twice against measles, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. This also applies to staff working in these facilities. The vaccination card, the child’s examination booklet or, especially in the case of a past illness, a doctor’s certificate are valid as proof. If the vaccination card has been lost, a photo of it is sufficient. The evidence must be presented to the management of the facility.


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